35 Mb - This is the amount of storage space that is available on your host computer measured in megabytes. Most small websites use less than 1 megabyte so this should not be a problem for most small business sites.

Bandwidth - Refers to the volume af data or information that is transferred via the internet. With some services, you will have an upper limit on the amount of data that can be transferred before you start accumulating surcharges. Our web sites have unlimited bandwidth (providing your site does not exceed 35mb - see above)

Domain Registration - your domain is the name you give to your website, ie . Unless you are planning on exporting we recommend you stick with a domain as they are cheaper and filter out visitors from abroad. after a fixed period (usually 2 years) your domain name will need to be renewed.

Host / Hosting - a host is a special type of computer, sometimes referred to as a server, that stores web sites and is permanently linked to the internet. Professional hosting services use these computers and charge an annual fee for their use.

E-mail - short for electronic mail. E-mails usually contain text or graphics and can be sent via the internet to any other e-mail user whose address you know.

E-mail Forwarding - when you register a domain name such as you will also get an e-mail address such as . Any e-mails sent to this address can be forwarded on to an e-mail account of your choosing e.g. the address you use on your home computer.

E-mail Marketing - by collecting your customers e-mail addresses (either manually or via a special service that we can add to your web site) you can create a client database. Using e-mail you can then send details of special offers, promotions, newsletters or seasonal greetings to everyone on this list. Far more powerful and substantially cheaper, easier and more effective than using conventional mail.

Ranking - when you use a search engine to find a web site on a particular subject, those sites with the highest ranking are displayed first, and therefore attract the most visitors.

Search Engine -. Seach engines, such as Google and Alta Vista, act like a huge telephone directory for all of the websites connected to the internet that are registered with them.

Template - we use this website design method to keep the cost of designing your web site as low as possible. What it means in principle is using an existing web site design as the basis for a new web site design rather than starting from scratch.

Upload - this is the process of transferring your website files from our computer onto a "host" computer that is permanently linked to the internet. Uses a process called FTP

Web Surfer - someone who uses the internet.