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Web Design Services - Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are the internet equivalent of telephone directories although they are many, many times larger and more powerful.

At present they offer small businesses the best opportunity they have ever had to compete with large companies on a level playing field. This situation will not last forever so it is essential to act quickly to make the most of the FREE services that search engines offer.

When we are working on your web design we incorporate information that will enable search engines to easily rate your site and give you as high a ranking as possible.

Each search engine has its own process of rating your web site and your position will vary on a month by month basis. We only use legitimate techniques to achieve a high ranking because the last thing you want is to have your web site banned by the search engines.

We do, however, have considerable experience at gaining high traffic from search engines because, in addition to web design, we operate several commercial sites ourselves.



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we have internet solutions for all businesses - large or small
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